A U  P A I R  C O N T R A C T  -  A  G U I D A N C E

Many families have questions about whether or not they should write a contract with their au pair and what this contract should say. Therefore we have worked out this guidance for what is comprehensive to include in the contract. It is important to mention that it is a guidance and that every family has different needs as to how strict and detailed they want the contract to be.

There is no doubt though, that it a good idea to work out a contract, so that both the family and the au pair has some tangible guidelines for the work that needs to be done as well as for the other circumstances that comes along with having/being an au pair.

Please remember to take our terms and conditions into consideration when you write the contract.

It is advisable to include the following subjects in the au pair contract:

- Working hours

- Tasks

- Salary

- Complementary benefits, e.g. contribution to transport, language school, return ticket etc.

- Term of notice

- House rules, e.g. smoking/alcohol, use of telephone/computer

- Vacation and days off