T E R M S  A N D  C O N D I T I O N S

Registration fee:

1. When you hand in the registration form, please enclose a cheque of £ 25.00 as a registration fee. The fee is payable for each and every au pair requested.

2. The fee is NOT refundable. It is valid for one year.     

3. Your application will only receive attention upon receipt of this fee.  

Engagement fee:

4. The engagement fee of £ 75.00 must be paid immediately after the au pair's arrival.

5. The fee is payable regardless of length of employment. However, should this terminate within two weeks from the date of commencement, a refund of the engagement fee will be considered on written application only, provided that The Danish YWCA is notified immediately.

Introductions are confidential:

6. Passing on an au pair’s introduction paper to another employer is not acceptable, renders you liable to payment of the full engagement fee and may endanger future placements.

Liability of the Danish YWCA:

7. The au pair must provide two references from previous employers and a medical certificate stating that she/he is in good health. However, The Danish YWCA cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content.

8. The Danish YWCA does not accept liability for any loss or damage to property or injury caused by the au pair.


9. Either the employer or the au pair can terminate the arrangement by giving two weeks notice. In case of serious misconduct either party may terminate with immediate effect. If the misconduct is on the part of the au pair, the employer must provide reasonable help finding accommodation for seven days from the date of termination.

 Working hours:

10. We distinguish between two types of au pairs; regular au pairs and au pairs+. Regular au pairs are supposed to work about five hours of light housework per day (max. 25 hours per week) plus 1-2 evenings of babysitting. Au pairs+ do six hours of light housework per day (max. 30 hours per week) plus 1-2 evenings of babysitting.

11. The au pair shall have two days off per week of which one them should be every Sunday.

12. Regarding free time, arrangements once made must be followed. If circumstances arise which necessitate revision of normal arrangements, these should be explained and ample advance notice of the changes made. Please, do make up for the free time.           

13. The au pair is expected to have four weeks paid holiday during 12 months of employment, corresponding to one week every three months.           


14. The au pair is expected to help the family with household duties on a partnership basis and to do her share of any kind of housework that the family themselves undertakes. This includes only such jobs as bed-making, dish washing, tidying, dusting, babysitting, taking children to and from school and looking after them in the house.

15. The au pair should not under any circumstances be asked to do heavy housework.


16. Regular au pairs’ minimum weekly pocket money is £ 65.00. For au pairs+ the minimum weekly pocket money is £ 75.00.

Please note that an acceptance of an au pair applicant is deemed to be an acceptance of the Danish YWCA's terms and conditions as mentioned above.



Er du nyankommet til London, så rigtig hjertelig velkommen til byen og til K! K er et dansk hostel, hvis beboere ofte opholder sig i London for en længere periode, mens de studerer, er i praktik eller arbejder i byen. En tidligere beboer har lavet en film om K, så tag gerne et kig på den her, og lær mere om stedet.

KFUK Nyhedsbrev

KFUK Nyhedsbrev

Nyhedsbrev for oktober 2020 -  marts 2021

I dette nyhedsbrev kan du læse om de store forandringer der sker på Dansk KFUK.
Dels corona krisen som har sat et markant præg på huset.
Samt et forstanderskift hvor Palle som har ledet KFUK i 29 er fratråd og Connie er tiltrådt.

Du kan læse nyhedsbrevet HER

KFUK Julespillet 2020

KFUK Julespillet 2020

Vinderne af Julespillet 2020 er nu fundet

Tusind tak til jer, der støttede Dansk KFUK og købte billetter til ”Julespillet”. Vinderne er nu trukket, de er alle blevet kontaktet direkte.  

Vinderne blev trukket tirsdag d. 15. december af ”Lykkens gudinde” Mathilde under overværelse af Dansk KFUKs formand, Karen Maibom.

Du kan se listen over vinderne HER. Mange tak fordi du spillede med.