Adfærdskodeks / Code of conduct

Code of conduct

The Danish YWCA ethos is based in Christian values - everyone is treated equally no matter religion, ethnicity, social background, disability, sexuality, and gender identity. We do not tolerate discrimination and/or bullying or harassment of any kind.

In creating a safe space for staff, visitors and residents, sexual relationships between residents and staff are not allowed. Sexual relations between residents must be consensual as defined by law.

We expect a mutual respectful conduct among residents, volunteers and staff based on these guiding principles:


    • Be inclusive and interested in others
    • Be welcoming to newcomers
    • Support one another


    • In your language
    • In your humour
    • To physical boundaries


    • Of each other
    • Of your own behaviour
    • Of body language


    • If you encounter discriminative, bullying or harassing behaviours both against yourself or if you are a witness to these.

To uphold these values and principles, The Danish YWCA are committed to

    • stand against and have a clear approach to prevent abuse of trust and power including bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, or victimisation in all their activities.


    • create a culture that supports the reporting and resolution of allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse of any kind or inappropriate behaviour and not question experiences.


    • ensure that anyone working or volunteering for the charity understands the expectations placed upon them and provide the relevant training to support them in meeting their responsibilities.


    • ensure that residents, visitors, staff or volunteers in the charity has access to proper support and advice if they:
      • experience or witness unacceptable behaviour.
      • raise a concern or make an allegation about the actions of others
      • don’t feel safe.

We have relevant procedures and actions in place

    • Our Safeguarding Policy is approved by the YWCA Board and can be seen at our website
    • A Safeguarding Officer is appointed and will be the first point of contact, should a Safeguarding issue arise
    • A procedure for handling of complaints raised by residents, volunteers, corporate partners, or others in direct contact with the charity’s activities

Our complaint mechanism can be accessed from our website

    • Promote practical arrangements for whistleblowing to enable staff and volunteers to voice their concerns, made in good faith, without fear of repercussion.