Husregler / General rules

General rules at the Danish YWCA in London


    • Guests are not allowed to overnight unless they have been separately booked in at the main reception. Visitors are allowed during the day (before 11PM) in the common areas, if accompanied by a resident or announced to staff.

Liability for residents

    • The Danish YWCA is not responsible for any loss/damage of private property such as, but not limited to, cash/mobile phone/computers/bicycles/cars and other valuables. 
    • Damage to the Hostel or property must be reported immediately to the main reception. Residents will be charged for all damages due to negligence on their part.

Conduct inside and outside hostel

    • Residents should be properly dressed while in the areas of the Hostel - common rooms, dining room, hallways, gardens, and hostel office. The Hostel reserves the right to inspect rooms and personal property at any time.
    • Residents must respect others by being quiet in hallways after 10.00PM and in rooms after 11PM.
    • Please respect our neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum whilst entering or exiting the hostel or in in the immediate area of the Hostel including Maresfield Gardens.
    • Recording and/or sharing photos, videos or audios of other occupants or visitors at the hostel without their consent is strictly prohibited and in some cases illegal   


    • Residents cannot change rooms without the prior permission of hostel staff.
    • Furniture must not be moved from room to room without the prior permission of hostel staff.
    • It is prohibited to throw rubbish outside the hostel, this should be disposed of in the bin provided.
    • Don’t leave rubbish or personal belongings in common areas and hallways.
    • Food or other items must not be stored on outdoor windows ills.
    • All rooms must be kept tidy at all times to allow housekeeping to clean the rooms.
    • Residents is not allowed in the kitchen unless in a specific event where residents are invited
    • Use of candles and other open flames are strictly prohibited for residents

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

    • Consumption and storage of alcoholic drinks, drugs, other than prescription drugs, and any other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited. Residents abusing this will be asked to vacate the hostel immediately.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building and garden. There is a designated smoking area in the driveway.