Safeguarding Policy

“Safeguarding is Everyone’s business – Danish YWCA in London is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare/wellbeing of children, young people and adults at risk. It expects all trustees, staff and volunteers to share this commitment”.

Our Danish YWCA in London hostel provides a safe place in London for Danish workers, students, and visitors alike.

The house is "a home away from home” for young Danes over the age of 18 years and can accommodate up to 60 young people, who can spend the night and live at the YWCA.

As a registered charity we will ensure our service delivery and activities meet the safeguarding standards expected by the Charity Commission.

Danish YWCA in London recognises its responsibility to ensure the safety, well-being and protection of its staff and volunteers, its residents and their children and all those involved in all its activities and events.

All persons, regardless of age, gender, ability, disability, ethnicity, religious belief, and sexual identity, have a right to take part in our activities in an enjoyable and safe environment and to be protected from abuse.

These safeguarding policies and procedures have been developed by drawing on recognised good practice in the hostel sector.  Reference has been made to relevant safeguarding legislation, key guidance and best practice in creating our safeguarding policies.

Any breech in these safeguarding procedures may make a staff member or volunteer liable to disciplinary action.

Chair of the Board of Trustees


Safeguarding Officer

If you need to speak to somebody about a safeguarding concern within the Danish YWCA, you can contact our appointed Safeguarding Officer, Anne Bommersholdt.
Anne can be reached directly at the hostel's office within office hours. Out of office hours she can be reached at Tel: 0207 435 723 or through email


Our policy

Our safeguarding policy can be read in full here: Danish YWCA Safeguarding Policy Procedures_2024