The Danish YWCA is a youth hostel primarily for young Danes staying in London. As a young Dane you can stay at the Danish YWCA for a maximum of 6 months, while studying or working. As a tourist you are welcome to stay at the Danish YWCA for a shorter period of time – irrespective of your age.

Our most important task is to support young Danes and be a home away from home for them in the big city. We do so by offering accommodation, giving advice on practical things, as well as helping out, should sudden crises and challenges arise. With our open arrangements we provide the framework, so you can meet other young Danes, form networks and friendships. Every year in the last weekend of November the Danish YWCA arranges a Christmas Bazar, attracting more than 2000 people.

The Danish YWCA is a home based on Christian values. You will come to experience this in our meals enjoyed together during the week and our Sunday breakfast and morning song. We celebrate most Danish traditions and feasts during the year. We are a house with a strong sense of community based on openness, friendliness, and helpfulness.

The Danish YWCA owns 10 dorm flats in the neighbourhood, which are let out to Danish students who have been accepted in a Master’s Programme at a London University.

The Danish YWCA in London is part of the Danish Seamen’s Church - and Church Abroad. We have a close co-operation with the Danish Church, which we actively encourage you to visit.

The Danish YWCA is a registered British charity organization following the guidelines issued by the Charity Commission.

You can find our contact information here.